We are a specialist legal advice service for young people in the borough of Wandsworth, London, UK, giving free independent youth centred legal advice helping young people with housing and obtaining social services support. We work with young people from every community, care leavers, young carers, disabled young people, asylum seekers and migrant children and their families.

Here are some stories of how we helped young people in the borough to overcome their problems.

Tomas is a care leaver who was being made to leave his foster parents before he was ready.  He tells you how we helped him stay with his foster parents through using his rights in community care law until he was ready to leave.  Then we helped him get housing using his homelessness legal rights.

Jemima is a mother with a child who lived in a very bad condition accommodation. She received an eviction letter from the landlord and was very confused; she did not have anywhere to go and felt helpless. Youth legal helped her to apply for homeless application which previously was very difficult for her.

Patrick’s personal experiences of homelessness when he was a teenager made him aware of the importance of youth focused specialist legal advice. Here he tells about his story and how it inspired him to volunteer as a Trustee at Youth legal, making his contribution to help other young people.