11th May 2018



Presentation slides from the speakers:

 - Disabled Young People - Steve Broach

 - Young People's Criminal Law - Jennifer Hill

 - Young Carers - Jamie Burton

 - Care Leavers' Rights - Sam Jacobs

 - SEN EHC Plan - Katherine Barnes

 - s17 Migrant Families - Khatija Hafesji

 - Youth Access Youth Rights Movement


image homeless

Fact Sheet: Homeless

You may have more rights than you think if you are facing homlessness or have already left your home. Find out what help you can get and what your basic rights are.


image a police arresting a teenager

Fact Sheet: Issues with the Police.

Can the police stop me for no reasons? Can the police search me? Why might I be arrested? Can I tell someone where I am? Find out what your rights are when dealing with the police.


Image of a carer

Fact Sheet: Carers' rights

Find out more about the new rights, assessments and financial support if you are a carer. Depend upon your age and the person you are caring for, there are various entitlements that you might need to consider.


image grievance

Fact Sheet: Grievance

From AdiceNow: What is a grievance? What is the difference between bllying and harrasment? How to use grievance procedure to deal with discrimination and other problems at work.
image of advice now logo

image social enterprise

Information Leaflet: Starting up a social enterprise.

What is a social enterprise? What is the difference between social enterprise and a charity? Is social enterprise popular? Can I set up a social enterprise? Is there any help available for me?

 Youth Legal logo. Click to download Valerie's presentation


Presentation Slides: Children & Families Act 2014, Care Act 2014

Valerie Clark's presentation on the Children & Families Act 2014 and Care Act 2014: introduction to the Acts, how the Acts work for young people.




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